The Solution

Sound the Alarm

At a minimum, make the decision for yourself to not submit to any more vaccinations.  For every person that reads this and makes that decision, another life is saved.

If you are inclined, start to advocate to the broader population.  Start with your friends and loved ones. 

If you are interested in activism, please Volunteer.  Volunteers with any and all skills and availability can help the effort. It is important that everyone be made aware of the truth – that lives are being destroyed. The Legacy Media and Big Tech are actively suppressing this information so we must employ alternative methods to get the word out such as vigils and protests, petitions and other measures.  Join the thousands of like minded Canadians who have been fighting for your health and choice since the beginning.  It is never too late to get involved.  There is a lot of work to do!

Lastly, please donateMoney is an important ingredient in any social undertaking and this is no different. We will ensure your privacy is not compromised and that your donation is to put to good effect.  Your donation helps fund our efforts to build awareness, protest, consult lawyers, advocate and lobby governments, agencies and other institutions.