The Injured

Injuries and deaths resulting from a medical treatment are referred to as Adverse Events and a number of agencies and groups around the world track this information. If you, or someone you know, appears to have been injured by a vaccine, be sure to report it to VAXXTRACKER as well as your healthcare provider.

Many of us who have been effected by these treatments are being ignored or demeaned by the same healthcare profession that perpetrated this travesty. We need to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment and not be told ‘it’s all in your head’.

In Canada, many injured individuals report not being taken seriously.

About the Casualties

Adverse Events

  • The US-based Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has many issues, including its lack of standardization in reporting criteria and procedures and the fact that anyone can submit a report. Whatever one might say about the quality or reliability of the data in the VAERS, what is most remarkable is the medical and pharmaceutical community’s almost complete lack of curiosity about the sharp increase in reports submitted to VAERS since early 2021, when many developed nations started their national rollout of COVID-19 inoculations.
  • One of the main critiques of the use of the absolute increase in VAERS reports of adverse events (incl. deaths) is that unlike many other vaccines, these inoculations have been given to a majority of the entire population of Americans over the age of 12. This means that just by sheer weight of numbers we should expect a sharp increase in severe adverse events (also given that already-vulnerable populations were prioritized for the COVID-19 jabs). This said, when one “zooms in” a little on the details, the increases in heart attacks, strokes, and deaths among unlikely populations (e.g., young people, professional athletes, etc.) and sharp increases in population-level morbidity should be alarming. Note that these increases are easily correlated to COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, and not to COVID-19 transmission or waves through a population. There are too many categories of examples to pursue. Due to time and space constraints, we will focus on just two categories.
    1. First, significant increases in death rates amongst working-age people (18-64) have been reported by insurance companies, or inferred from the data they released. The One America CEO, J. Scott Davison, set the ball rolling by making the explosive claim that they saw death rates up by 40%xii from the previous year during the first half of 2021. In other words, deaths in the second half of the year 2021 in which most Americans had their first access to COVID-19 jabs, went up, compared to the year 2020 in which most Americans had their first exposure to COVID-19, without jabs. While Davison appears to have back-tracked on the claims, others have investigated further. Edward Dowd, a former Blackrock portfolio manager, collated data from major insurers, finding 2021 4th -quarter increases above 2019 rates of 21% or higher for at least five other insurers beyond One America. Working with an insurance industry expert, Dowd claimed that these rate increases work out to approximately 61,000 excess millennial deaths in 2021 in the US .
    2. Second, there has been a sudden, unprecedented and well-catalogued increase in “on-the field” collapses of top-level athletes around the world, particularly soccer players. The blogger(s) Jon Boka and/or J Wilderness have painstakingly gathered the anecdotal media articles from around the world since late 2021. (In the first of the video series, they claim that Wikipedia stopped collating incidents of player collapses in July 2021.) The Exposé reports that the December 2021 death toll (7) almost matched the average annual death toll of 7.8 for 2009 – 2020 . (For its part, Wikipedia has acknowledged 21 playing related soccer deaths in 2021, and 3 deaths in 2022 (as at May 25th 2022) . Another catalogue reports that sporting-related cardiovascular incidents and deaths rose sharply from mid-2021, with an average of 74.5 deaths per month in the six months to April 2022. For comparison, the IOC reported an average of 29 sudden deaths of athletes per year between 1966 and 2004
  • It is worth telling some vignettes:
    1. Mayhem in Miami: during the recently concluded Miami Open (March 23rd – April 3rd , 2022), a total of fifteen players across the event retired or withdrew from their competitions. Of course, most reports did not even attempt to explain why this might be happening (Jannik Sinner somewhat unconvincingly blamed his retirement after just five games on blisters). Based on U.S. Government travel regulations, fourteen of the fifteen players would have required COVID vaccinations [to travel] to play in the U.S. The fifteenth player is a U.S. citizen, but since he played at the Australian Open in January, it can be concluded with 100% certainty that he too got a COVID vaccination.
    2. “All he wanted to do was play hockey”: Sean Hartman was a young Ontario teenager who struggled with the disruptions caused by lockdowns in Ontario. After a year without hockey, which he loved, he wanted to return. Getting a COVID-19 jab was a requirement for his hockey league. He received the first Pfizer dose on August 25, 2021, and was in hospital four days later due to a bad reaction. He was sent home with only an Advil prescription. A month later, on September 27, 2021, his mother found him dead in his bedroom. His heart was found to be “slightly enlarged” in the autopsy, but the cause of his death was controversially judged to be “unascertained”. Sean Hartman was 17 years old.
    3. A case of “mild myocarditis”: In January 2022, Bayern Munich and Canada soccer star Alphonso Davies was reportedly diagnosed with myocarditis after infection with COVID-19, and he was subsequently out of action for several months. None of the mainstream media reports even mentioned whether or not he had received the COVID-19 jabs (they almost never do in collapse or injury stories), which a disinterested observer would think relevant, given that they are supposed to prevent infection and consequently complications like myocarditis. It is clear from other reports about the controversial nature of COVID vaccinations in the Bayern Munich camp that Davies was not one of the handful of named players who refused the jab, holding out at least during November 2021. Putting two and two together, it is very reasonable to conclude four: that Davies’ myocarditis was a COVID19 vaccine injury.
  • Putting the Total Canadian Annual Death Rate into Perspective
    1. Based on all of the media reporting about massive Covid deaths in Canada, one would expect to see the overall death numbers go up significantly. A logical person would surmise that there are a percentage of deaths every year due to heart disease, flu, stroke, etc…, that fluctuate mildly year over year. This should be a safe and accurate assumption. Therefore, when you add up the Covid deaths on top of the overall death rate, the numbers should spike proportionally. Let’s have a look at the difference in overall deaths in Canada between 2015 and 2022. You can see clearly that the overall death rate in Canada for all ailments has only increased marginally with larger year over year increases from 2014 to 2018. In 2019 the death rate grew by only .580% over the previous year and has remained significantly low through 2022. How can this be? How can the overall death rate in Canada continue to remain statistically insignificant during this massive “outbreak”? Proponents of the injections would say that this proves that the vaccinations worked. Without the vaccines, there would have been many more deaths. This false assumption flies in the face of the data that the media and the health officials have been reporting over the last 2.5 years. Covid death rates are published daily and the numbers appear to be staggering. If these deaths were indeed death by Covid and not just death with Covid, the overall death rates in Canada would be higher year over year. Even if you are still on the fence as it relates to the safety and efficacy of these injections, the overall death rates prove out that the actual risk of dying from Covid was always extremely small and not something that merited this global reaction.  
    2. Now that you have validated that actual deaths from Covid were relatively low; that the adverse effects and deaths have been higher than any vaccine rollout in history; that the vaccines were not appropriately tested; that new data is emerging every day of thousands of mysterious unexplained deaths around the world; that new independent studies are challenging the actual efficacy and safety of these injections; how do you feel now about being mandated to take shots in perpetuity.

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